Month of August an september

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Month of August an september

Post  bodysnatcher on Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:34 am

hi mates, im glad many of u rejoined critical after the disband, during july has been a rebuild of the guild and making thoughts about the new aims for the guild since hacks is not here, well here are the objectives:
1 Mates lv 50 - 60 get lv 65 and lvs 60 - 68 to lv 70 by the end of august, then we can organise more trips to Skeletar island, Summer, underwater tunnel and increase our farming in DW. By the end of September i wish u all have got lv 70 and up.
2 Recruit SMs, Clerics and Voys lv 55 and up, we have enough cruze and SS in the guild, however other classes r welcome as long as they r active.
3 Gemmed Guys with lv 65 equipment and up from our funds got from DW or other trips based on the activeness and participation in the runs.
4 Equip ACTIVE SM and Clerics with high activeness in guild.
Well, thats it guys thx for ur attention...

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